Nikita 3

After more than one year of development and many micro-adjustments the new NIKITA³ went in May to the first world cup competition to ÷lideniz, Turkey. Immediately in the first run Xandi Meschuh sat himself with his new NIKITA ³ in the top field on place 2. This should remain up to the end of the competition also so. Unfortunately, Xandi couldn't complete his last manoeuvre in the final run and got a clear point deduction. However, with it he was still able to gain the 4th place. Hearty congratulations! Xandi is very contented with his brand-new NIKITA ³ and is looking forward to new challenges in the world of paragliding aerobatics.

Citation - Xandi:

"The new NIKITA ³ is simply brilliant! The stability of the canopy in the Rhythmic SAT and the Infinity is incredibly high. The Helicopter connections run fluently, there is no trend for getting stuck or premature exiting. The Mistyflips, Mac Twists and X choppers can be initiated exactly and the wing stays open solidly."

In any case it (oh well, better she) is a wing with striking character, our Femme Fatale and needs a sensitive touch. But which woman doesn't?

Instinct 2 Acro

Acro flying for non-professionals? With INSTINCT 2 ACRO no utopia. With no other paraglider you can learn SAT, Wing Over, MacTwist, stall so safe, fast and controlled. With some training even Helicopter and Tumbling are possible.

Everything with felt safety of class LTF 1/1-2 and with certification up to 110 kg start weight in the category LTF/EN C.

We recommend the INSTINCT 2 ACRO to all pilots who want a safe and dynamic Freestyle wing which is best for learning.

What makes the INSTINCT 2 ACRO unique?

It is agile and dynamic. Especially on weight shift it reacts immediately.
Nevertheless, it has long steering ways typical for gliders class LTF B which protect against inadvertent stalling.
It is extremely mistake-forgiving and therefore perfectly for learning paragliding freestyle & aerobatics. With it you can coach your reflexes and train the manoeuvres calmly without demanding too much of yourself.
It is above all extremely easy in spinning / negative and thus makes it easier learning the Helicopter.
Also trainers of SIVs lend the INSTINCT 2 ACRO with pleasure to participants to fly their first full stalls, because it is simply to be flown so exactly and in the case of a mistake easy to control.

What is different in comparison to its forerunner INSTINCT XS ACRO?

The INSTINCT 2 ACRO has thrilled us immediately due to its noticeable quickness and dynamic. These have increased clearly to its forerunner.

Unchanged are it's incomparable simplicity in full stall and all negative manoeuvres. It also stayed safe in asymmetric and full frontal collapses. The classification C it only got due to the extreme load of 110 kg for this small surface.

By the way: the new INSTINCT 2 ACRO has been made smaller due to many requests: it has now an area of only 20.9 m².

Technical news

Our designer Michael Nesler did not have an easy job: to better the excellent INSTINCT was very hard to accomplish so he modernised it by using up to date technical finesse:

new openings at the leading edge for a little bit more performance and optic
new brake line geometry for a more accurate handling during manoeuvres
a higher trim speed
at the back a new material for a fresh green
the new double swing in red.

Delivery includes: Paraglider with back pack, manual and either: iPad bag, T-Shirt or hip bag


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